Jim Root, Co-Founder and CEO Chi Laboratory Systems

“In Medieval Times the Chris Riedel I know would have been Sir Lancelot. In today’s world he donned armor to battle billing fraud of multi-billion dollar companies and the resistance of some state justice departments to take action to enforce their laws and regulations.”

Richard Jaffe, renowned Civil Rights attorney and author, Quest for Justice

“Hard-hitting, takes you into the inner workings and twists and turns of negotiating with the DOJ and state governments … and a hugely important story, because it affects all of us who get medical labs. Fascinating. My hat’s off to Chris Riedel for taking up the fight for all of us.”

Robert L. Michel, Publisher of The Dark Report

Probably the single greatest threat for a clinical laboratory or genetic testing company is for a whistleblower to file a qui tam action that brings in federal prosecutors and results in criminal indictments or civil settlements involved tens of millions of dollars. Now Chris Riedel, who has spent the last fifteen years fighting healthcare fraud and has secured $550 million in settlements and judgments so far for taxpayers, uses this book to draw back the curtain on how whistleblower cases start, why some cases succeed and others don’t, and what it is like to work with government prosecutors. His insights and advice are ‘must reading’ for anyone considering initiating a whistleblower case against a lab, as well as for lab owners and healthcare executives to understand what practices must be avoided to escape a crippling whistleblower lawsuit. It is also a good true crime thriller with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages until the end of the book.

Five-Star review by Lucinda E Clarke for Readers’ Favorite

The subtitle to Chris Riedel’s book Blood Money is ‘One Man’s Bare-Knuckle Fight to Protect Tax Payers from Medical Fraud,’ which is a very accurate description of the contents. He opens the door to give us a peep into the deep level of corruption, illegal practices, and the blindsiding of the general public, probably at their lowest point, when they are seeking help for failing health. He documents how he became a Whistle Blower in his fight initially in California to bring the two biggest laboratory testing companies to account for flagrantly breaking the law. The book covers almost eight years, spanning the west to the east coast of the US, as each state’s laws differed slightly and even those appointed by government prosecutors to uphold the law failed in their duty. It’s a long and dangerous walk to make, and the last section explains ways to protect both the informant, his family, and his livelihood. There are stories of how big business will lie, steal, cheat and, indeed, laugh at the law while in some cases paying ludicrously small amounts in reparation and carrying on as before. They use every trick to defeat and destroy anyone who has the courage to take them on in the legal system. Blood Money by Chris Riedel is not an easy read and the reason I say this is that I stopped every few pages in total shock at the level of fraud that is occurring in the United States medical system. It is so blatant, so ingrained, all brought into the spotlight in this book. It has everything from offshore accounts to death threats. You have to admire the tenacity, the hours of work, the desire to protect the taxpayers who are defrauded by corporate companies and the author is to be applauded for his courage. However, the failures and the extent of the corruption are heartbreaking. CEOs found in breach of the law still received their bonuses, golden parachutes and only one has been imprisoned as a result of dozens of successful court cases. The lawyers’ fees mount up, the small companies who play by the rules go bankrupt and everyone carries on as before. An in-depth book that leaves no stone unturned, that names and follows cases from beginning to end in detail, Blood Money should be required reading not only for legal students but members of the public whose hard-earned tax dollars are going to line the pockets of the few. A book that opened my eyes and left me in a mild state of shock.

V. Williams - Vine Voice

"A classic David vs Goliath battle against the "Blood Brothers" Nothing gets the old blood to boiling like the state of our health care system and the mishandling of the medical system by HMOs to PPOs, x-rays to blood draws and pharmaceuticals to labs. It would seem there is nothing beyond the realm of untold millions in fraudulent practices—most of which go unprosecuted. Not undetected. Unprosecuted. Medicare, Medicaid, or MediCal are merely fodder for some of the worse “pull-through” revenue schemes perpetrated on the American taxpaying public. Those who would dare fight the giants are the “Whistleblowers” or Qui-tam. The author is one such. Blood Money is the 7-8 year chronology of his battle, a classic David vs Goliath tale. Fraudulent claims were recognized as early as 1863, when Lincoln instituted the False Claims Statute, or Qui-tam, that quickly become known as “Lincoln’s Law.” It just as quickly overwhelmed federal law enforcement officials—and is apparently still doing so. “Approximately 80% of recoveries involve healthcare fraud…” The author called it taking on the “Blood Brothers,” those giants that no one thought could be brought to their knees—“considered by Congress and DOJ as ‘too big to fail’ and their CEOs as ‘too big to jail’.”

Norma Jeane - Reader

"Just finished "Blood money" were drafted...sent to war on your passion for the truth, fight the fraud and ID the criminals that you set out to are like a soldier that went to basic training and came out a deserve a medal..congrats..I love ya!" written on behalf of John Davis.

Melissa Jenkins - Reader

Blood Money has it all- from attempted murder, extortion, money-laundering, sabotaging and buying off a Governor by Attorney Generals. Chris Riedel is a brave whistleblower going after medical fraud making sure taxpayers no longer get ripped off. I was blown away reading what medical labs really do to get money. I also didn’t know the risks to being a whistleblower until now but in the book there’s rules for doing so to keep you safe. If you get lab tests done then I highly recommend reading this book so you can make sure you're not paying more than you should. This is the best true legal crime thriller I’ve read all year!!

Anonymous physician - 2020

“Quest and LabCorp destroyed the lab business in our country. They should burn in hell.”